Olympus Passion Photography Magazine – #41


October 2020 – #41

With many inspiring articles from all over the world, we hope you appreciate this month’s magazine.



The Olympus Passion Photography Magazine aims to be an answer to the demands of our regular website followers. Here you will be able to find a diversity of subjects.

From interviews to tutorials, we present you a fine set of exclusive contents that we haven’t published on the web. All in a format that you can easily download and carry everywhere, whether it is on the notebook, tablet or smartphone.


Venture off the beaten paths
by Julia Altermann

Olympus experience in Yangshuo, China
by John Salvino

Creating a visual diary with Olympus
by Maddaluna Sarotto

My way of taking pictures
by Benjamin Wolf

Through the eyes of unrelated twins: comparing two nearly identical lenses
by Sebastian Strasser

The Print, the Frame
by Ian Gregory