‘Best Of’ Olympus Passion Photography Magazine – Summer 2022


‘Best Of’ Olympus Passion Photography Magazine –  Summer 2022

Composed by 546 pages with a selection of our most popular articles, all condensed into a single volume and ready to go with you on your smartphone, tablet or notebook.


From interviews to tutorials, we present you a fine set of exclusive contents.


Look beyond the obvious
Rodney O’Callaghan

Our common language is photography
Battal Kaya

Seeing with the heart
Caroline Micaela Hauger

About people
Çetin Alkiliç

Olympus still the best choice
Laith Stevens

Panning photography of nature
Mikkel Due Andersen

Street photography done differently
Rugter Van Loo

A camera that I want to pick up
Peter Thållen

The art of capturing people through a lens
Michał Janus

Everyday magic
Alice Mariette

Using the E-M1 Mark II and the holy trinity of M.Zuiko Pro lenses for wedding photography
Boris Stuller

Brighten your mood with colorful pictures
Enjoying landscape photography with my Olympus E-M5 Mark III
Manuel Hauser

From the streets to the peaks
Pak-Hong Yip

Don’t forget to discover your passions
Anna Skřivánková

My way of portrait photography
Mieszko Majewski

Zen and photography
Piotr Kisiel

Photography as an everyday psychotherapy
Mary Theodoropoulou

A grainy world
Kathy Canis

Photography: my biggest adventure
Magdalena Spadło

Photos of everyday life
Sam Thompson

Photography as a companion in my adventure
Alicia Álvarez

Stepping out of my comfort zone with the M.Zuiko 45mmF1.8
Hugo Pinho

Travel and Outdoor photography with Olympus
Nina Pontida

There aren’t two Mona Lisas
Jorge Hurtado