‘Best Of’ Olympus Passion Photography Magazine – Summer 2023


‘Best Of’ Olympus Passion Photography Magazine –  Summer 2023

Composed by 574 pages with a selection of our most popular articles, all condensed into a single volume and ready to go with you on your smartphone, tablet or notebook.


From interviews to tutorials, we present you a fine set of exclusive contents.


It doesn’t matter which camera you use
By Heinrich Lischka

Learning to observe
By Javier Carrasco

Olympus E-M5 Mark III – My daily camera
By Tian Li

Details of Passion
By Tomasz Niemiec

Inspiration right outside your doorstep
By Wolfgang Hempell

On every street
By Stephanus Meyer

Journey with architectural photography
By Victor Zhuo

The more you’re out, the luckier you’ll get
By Mikael Svensson

Be Olympus, my friend
By Chrissi Barth

Olympus TG-6: Not just for the great outdoors
By Victor Reynolds

When the world is “upside-down”
By Bogdan Timiras

“Deep Sensation” my drive to explore and create
By Sekeyi Klopsch

Therapy in a backpack
By Jason Duarttee

Stories from somewhere else
By Irina Cucoveica

Don’t be afraid to stumble, but choose your stones carefully
By Anna M. Dziedzic

Magic is in the light. Give me great light and almost any scene can come alive. 
By Peter Baumgarten

Always looking for new horizons
By Christelle Tragacete

Feelings through technology
By Mihai Badoi

A way to record my travels
By Stephan Demmelmeier

The way I see everything around me – Interview with Jarno Embryo
By Jarno Embryo